Llama Dalis Music

The recording is all original music, some of it recently written, some still active & having fun after 30 years in the repertoire. this is the first on purpose recording of Biddison brothers music in 20 years.  Our last recording (with neo Pseudo you may remember) we still made cassettes with our order of cds.  The internet didn’t really exist, no one had cell phones, itunes, ipods, utube didn’t exist, we didn’t own a computer, we still layed out our promo stuff on paper and cut it out, taped it together, photocopied.  We didn’t have kids.  911 was still just an emergency number, president bush meant something totally different, that’s a lotta water under over and beside all the bridges. whoah!

songs are


Blue noise  •  Set me free  •  Planted  •  I must

Too much money  •  Workin’  •  Prayer

This is  to you  •  Is it not enough

“Silly Beast” now available at performances and at


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