the Llama Dalis

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The LLama Dalis is the current band formation for brothers Michael and Dave Biddison.  Since 1975 the Biddison brothers have played with such notorious bands as Neo Pseudo, Space Goop, The Shaggy Dogs, and Ticapoo Brain. Their taste for soulful and energetic original music, peppered with twisted cover tunes, has led themto play an interesting array of venues, from the clubs of Philadelphia (Grape Street Pub, North Star Bar, the Tin Angel, the Cabarets), festivals,  art galleries, yoga and dance studios, coffee houses, sculpture gardens, old parish halls, barns, VFWs, even Mexican food restaurants.    

The LLama Dalis full band includes the unassuming but monstrous guitarist Steve Wheelock (who’s been playing with the brothers since 1994) and the solid state, never-to-be-thrown-for-a-loop big Bass player Bob Taylor who holds things down and gives the hearty rhythm section a solid danceable groove.  And of course there’s the brother harmonies and ecclectic mix of song making influences that are rooted in that soulful stuff of the 1960’s but feel like they belong in any age.  It all just feels good.

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Mike    610-247-8718

Dave    610-935-3075

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